Beautiful Ankara escort decorates her sex room with intimate pictures of self
» » Beautiful Ankara escort decorates her sex room with intimate pictures of self
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All you have to have to make the same as me are three things: a phone (everyone has it in our days), a PC to connect to it and select the best pictures from ones you will have shot, and a printer, any, even black-and-white will do, to print on paper the pics you love the most. And one more thing to add exquisiteness as the final touch: frames. Photo frames to put on the wall to make it look like a dwelling of a photographer, not a teenage girl who puts posters on the wall binding their edges with sticky tape. I came up with this idea when I was pondering about arranging the space on my walls. Specifically, I wanted to make my sex room look sexier. More exciting for people who visit it. You see, I work as one of Ankara escort girls and I often accept men and women inside my premise (it is called indoor – and it costs them cheaper than outdoor).

I found this idea exciting. So, I started working on it. I thought that a pussy of one of Ankara escort girls shot in different angles must be sexy enough to arouse people more once they are here. I wanted to organize 10*15 pictures in 8 columns and 6 or 7 rows on two out of 4 walls of the room. The rest two walls were one with the door and it already had three pictures hanging and the other one had the bed standing touching it, and it had one landscape picture on it. These two already looked organic and so the other two left. Altogether, it made 8*7(or 6)*2=112 or 96 pictures. Well, why not? I think I can do so many pictures.

To look as prettier as possible, I took shower, shaved all over, leaving no hair on pussy and on the ass. Exiting the bathroom, I used body cream to soften my skin and a little touch of body oil to make my skin look fresher and shinier, and also as if I am an aroused horny chick. I did not use any peeling substances as they immediately make skin look redder and not very attractive.

I’ve selected a couple of panties and some thongs to start a photo session in them. If I don’t like these photos or they will be too moderate, I’ll delete them later. Instead of making selfies of the entire body, I concentrate on the crotch, not even catching any boob in the frame. I take the camera and make first shoots in lying position. I rise my legs up – click, then put them in sides – click. Lay on the side – click. Stand in a doggy pose – click. Click, click, click. More and more, in different poses: laying, sitting, standing. Selfie stick largely helped me in making tough pictures, which would be impossible if I held a phone just by a hand.

After about 30 minutes of taking pictures (and 4 changes of panties), I, one of Ankara escort girls, clicked over 200 pictures. Time to copy them into PC and look is there any worthy ones. To my surprise, I loved more than a half. I looked very sexy, especially in thongs, which almost did not cover my female delights. The large sexual lips were almost swallowing thongs’ string and the anus hole was visible for more than a half of its entire size. Especially when I wore ones made specifically for sex – they were much more transparent than any others of my collection and they hid nothing from the view, I must admit. It was only two little back strings between my pubis and coccyx, completely revealing my desirable pussy, vulva, anus, and sex fluids that were inherent to me.

It was time to make the same only without panties on. First, I lay on the bed and started making pictures: with legs up in the air, closed, open, bent, one leg in a side, the other leg in a side, laying on the side, standing as a doggy. Standing straight and picturing a pussy up; squatting down (allowing a pussy to open up and reveal the red darkness of insides of one of Ankara escort girls). Putting fingers in it. Putting items in it: cucumber, banana, ball pen, thin bottle… After I started showing all these things inside of me, I felt sexual arousal and, as I was home alone, I started masturbating myself. With fingers. That was one of the most exciting moments – as I did not stop taking pictures during the process…


Escort Ankara Whatsapp girls are covered with the grease

I like to be greased. Maybe even more than many other Escort Ankara Whatsapp girls do. Usually, baby oil serves as good grease, as it is hypoallergenic and makes the smoothest sliding ever. Sometimes clients of Escort Ankara Whatsapp service prefer to order more than one girls – to meet the specific goals. Like it was this time – we were ordered in three: me and two other pussies.

Upon arrival to the location, we saw the room all covered with a blue film. It was put on top of something soft and springy, like a foam rubber. As we stepped on it, we were told that our clients planned something more exciting than just an ordinary sex: all three of us supposed to undress, get greased on and struggle on the floor. In a meantime, they will film it all and take pictures.

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What’s bizarre about the naming process in the Ankara escort is that a girl whom you meet, will most likely to have the name that will differ from her real one. It has several reasons for that, but one of them is the desire to possess a name that would be more beautiful than the one she has in the real life. For instance, let’s take name Natalie. It originates from the Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘own’, ‘dear’, ‘darling.’ It is also largely connected with girls who originate from the countries of the past-USSR block. It is not a secret that all women coming abroad to the US, or any other English-speaking country, were mostly named Natasha by people around. And it is not only because of the popularity of a movie ‘Boris & Natasha’ of 1992 (that itself was a spin-off from ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle Show’) when all USSR men were named Borises and all women – Natashas in the minds of native English-speakers. The same as, for instance, John is a common name from the US and Jack – from the UK.